These processes enable you to develop a solid structure for converting prospects into customers.

Buyer’s journey
Understand your prospect’s behaviour and you’ll know when they are most likely to buy. Understand how they like to be talked to, and they’ll respond more readily to your communications. Understand when they are ready to buy and you’re more likely to get a sale. This process helps prevent you wasting money on ad hoc campaigns. Instead, you’ll reach the right people at the right time.

Bring your prospects and customers closer. Learn how to talk to them in the way that they find the most accessible and most appealing. Our process here also use a rigorous reviewing method to provide a clear audit of what’s effective – or not – about your current communications.

Starting conversations
Replace presentations with conversations. A conversation enables you to unite with a prospect, to find out their problems and deal with any issues. Learn a full set of techniques that let you structure and control all types of meetings – prospects, customers, suppliers, colleagues – so that they become productive conversations.